DiTEX system description
DiTEX is a low power radio device for digital point-to-point and point-to-multipoint telephony and Ethernet connections.

By connecting directly to Tip/Ring ports of a local exchange or private branch exchange, DiTEX extends the reach of the copper wire ports over distances of up to 100km using radio technology. In addition data can be transmitted via an Ethernet port.

The telephony interface consists of up to 4 Tip/Ring ports for analog POTS lines at each end and the data interface of a 10/100 Base T Ethernet port at each end.

The total transmission capacity is up to 80 kbit/s. This capacity is shared between telephony and data services with telephony having priority over data.
DiTEX can be used as example for :
Temporary or permanent link-up of remote sites to the telecommunication infrastructure of a telecommunications service provider.
Temporary or permanent telecommunications links between private sites. e.g. Headquarters with a PBX and branches.
Telephone line extensions. e.g. From the office to the home or from the home to a weekend or holiday home.
Subscribers that require high speed data services as well as POTS services.
Typical applications :
Spaza shops, Satellite police stations, Rural schools, Large business Farmers, Bush Lodges, Hotels, Polling booths etc.
With all applications, it is the responsibility of the operator to ensure that the use of the radio band is within the terms and conditions of the loacal radio frequency authority.
System components and configuration
There are two dedicated DiTEX station types available.
The Access Network end station, DiTEX Base, which is connected to the local or private branch exchange and the Internet.
The customer network end statio, DiTEX Terminal, which provides telecommunication services at the remote site.
DiTEX provides the following features:
Transparent extension of POTS lines over the air.
Interconnection between 2 locations (point-to-point).
Interconection between a central and up to 4 remote locations (poin-to-multipoint).
Net data rates up to 80 kbit/s per DiTEX system.
Bandwidth on demand for each individual link (up to the total system capacity).
Distance up to 100 km between transmitter and receiver.
Radio frequency adaptable to local requirements.
Bandwidth: 25 kHz
Transmit power: up to 22 dBm (adjustable)
Receiver sensitivity: -92 dBm…-105 dBm depending on the modulation
QPSK, 16APSK and 64APSK modulation with automatic selection according to current radio wave propagation conditions as wel as advanced forward error correction for best bandwidth/distance/data rate ratio.
Indoor versions available with indoor or outdoor antenna.
Easy and quick installation.
System costs independant of distance.
Standard POTS interface and standard Ethernet interface for simple interconnection with existing networks.
Voice compreesion according to standard G.729 (standard ITU codec for carrier class telephony).
Transparent fax transmissiom.
Transparent data transmission via Ethernet.
Mechanical dimensions: 70 x 190 x 60 mm (proprietary housing) without extender and without battery
Power consumption: 15 W (from mains 230 V/50 Hz via plug-in power supply 12 V DC) without extender and without battery
Interfaces: RJ11, Ethernet 100BaseT
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