CYBEROAM Central Console
Comprehensive Internet Security System

Cyberoam delivers a comprehensive security portfolio that meets the complete network and remote office security and endpoint protection requirements of organizations. With Unified Threat Management (UTM) appliances, SSL VPN solutions, Endpoint Data Protection and Cyberoam iView - Logging and Reporting Appliance, Cyberoam delivers complete visibility over user activity through identity-based security controls.

Cyberoam Unified Threat Management

Cyberoam’s CheckMark Level-5, ICSA firewall and IPv6 Gold-certified UTM appliances are purpose-built for comprehensive network protection. They meet the high performance needs of small, medium and large enterprises with appliances ranging from CR15i to CR1500i. Cyberoam’s wireless UTM appliances - CR15wi, CR25wi and CR35wi offer security over wireless networks to small and remote offices, eliminating the need for routers, firewalls and other security solutions, thus saving on costs.
Cyberoam CR15wi
CR15wi offers high performance security over WLAN to Small Office-Home Office (SOHO) and Remote Office Branch Office (ROBO) users. It supports 802.11n/b/g wireless standards. Combined with security over wired networks offered by its range of UTM appliances, Cyberoam enables organizations to overcome the physical limitations of securely accessing network resources and offers more user flexibility,user productivity and lower network ownership costs.

Cyberoam's Layer 8 technology that treats user-identity as the 8th Layer or the HUMAN layer in the protocol stack, works even in WLAN environments, to allow identity-based security policies in dynamic IP environment.

Insecure WLANs are easily susceptible to unauthorized intrusion by outsiders and malware attacks. Cyberoam extends its set of security features over wired networks Firewall, VPN, Anti-Virus/Anti- Spyware, Intrusion Prevention System, Content Filtering, Bandwidth Management and Multiple Link Management over WLAN, securing organizations from threats of data leakage and malware attacks.
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Cyberoam Central Console
Central Security Control for MSSPs and Distributed Enterprises

Distributed Threat Control

Zero-hour threats that spread to millions of computers within hours, outpacing traditional security solutions are threatening enterprise networks. Blended attacks in the form of viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, phishing, pharming are compromising networks through entry at the weakest points of enterprise infrastructure - remote and branch offices - that are generally not equipped to handle complex threats.

For geographically distributed networks of large enterprises and Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) that provide multiple security devices at distributed locations, this delays attack response across networks while offering poor visibility into remote network activity. The fact that remote offices and managed client networks do not have qualified technical manpower to handle attacks compounds the delay. All the same, enterprises struggle to implement, monitor and control a uniform security policy, raising security, productivity and legal issues. Hence, the ability to identify, impact and take rapid enterprise-wide action is a pre-requisite to enforcing distributed security. For MSSPs, the ability to implement a broad security policy across multiple clients simplifies operations while maintaining high security across client networks.

Cyberoam Centralized Threat Management

Cyberoam Central Console (CCC) offers coordinated defense against zero-hour and blended threats across distributed networks. It enables
enterprise-wide implementation of corporate Internet polic configuration of an enterprise-wide security policy that strengthens branch and remote office security while lowering operational complexity. centralized, ies. Through configuration, enforcement of global policies as well as traffic scanning for Firewall, Intrusion Prevention System, Content-Filtering, Anti-virus and Anti-spam.

CCC supports the CCC supports CR15i, CR25i, CR25ia, CR35ia, CR50i, CR50ia, CR100i, CR100ia, CR200i, CR300i, CR500i, CR1000i, Cr1500i. CCClowers the operating cost of deploying, upgrading and maintaining multiple devices in the enterprise, offering complete control over distributed networks from the central office or the Security Operations Center (SOC) of MSSPs.
Cyberoam CR-SSL-800
Cyberoam SSL VPN is an application gateway that provides secure access to the applications using standard-based SSL encryption.

Cyberoam SSL VPN enables access only to specified applications rather than bridging the end-user's machine with the corporate network while maintaining full application compatibility.

Cyberoam SSL VPN is an easy-to-use, simple application access and security solution for enabling high-trust, secure remote access to Enterprise applications and resources. Enterprises use Cyberoam SSL VPN to collaborate securely with employees, customers and partners. Cyberoam SSL VPN comes with unique network obfuscation feature that hides the internal network details from intentional or unintentional exploitation by a user or hacker.
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Cyberoam i view
Cyberoam iView is an intelligent logging and reporting appliance that offers visibility into activity within the network by aggregating information from multiple devices that may be spread across multiple geographical locations, in near real-time. It offers multiple reports on iView's single dashboard, giving organizations an uninterrupted view of multiple network parameters like user, host, source, destination, protocol and more. Aggregated reporting gives them an organization-wide security picture, enabling them to apply or correct security policies from the central location.

The appliance-based approach provides simplicity in deployment and security that is difficult to achieve in a software solution. Its on-appliance storage offers data redundancy and faster data retrieval, supporting compliance requirements. Organizations receive detailed drill-down reports through iView with a clear view of users and their activities over any device and location. Identity-based attack reports like top attacks, top applications used by attackers, top spam recipients, top viruses and more allow them to locate the weak link in the system, allowing quick problem identification and resolution while meeting the requirements of regulatory compliance. Host, application and firewall rule-based usage reports give identity-based information like top users consuming maximum bandwidth for uploads and downloads, top applications used, top accept and deny rules, allowing organizations to manage their resources and plan for their future needs in addition to enhance security levels.

Cyberoam iView supports proprietary devices as well as emerging network and security technologies, eliminating the need for separate logging and reporting solutions for different products within the system.

Analyzing logs is complex and time-consuming as multiple devices lead to management of various systems and proprietary technologies that deliver logs in different formats. iView allows effortless, identity-based log management in near real-time. Organizations can match user identity-based information contained in logs with their rights to reveal discrepancies in user activities.

Use of multiple network devices, applications and protocols in organizations has increased the complexity of threats exponentially. A quick glance at the iView dashboard, its drilldown reports and identity-based logging and reporting enables organizations to instantly locate network attacks, their source and destination, allowing rapid action. By utilizing the RAID technology, iView addresses the performance limitations of the conventional disk storage and delivers increased data protection against data loss due to the hard disk failure, high performance and increased storage capacity.

iView enables rapid event investigation and easy access to all audit and events data by storing raw logs and related records on the same appliance in a secure database. The database design aids both efficient storage and fast retrieval of the collected data. And, with the on-appliance terabyte storage space , iView appliances enable long-term, fully-accessible data retention.

Regulatory compliance demands overwhelming effort, time and cost to retrieve and store logs and reports from various devices. iView eliminates compliance complexities with one-step access to critical information with multiple summery reports on a single dashboard that can be drilled down up to the third-level for granular information. Organizations can easily monitor access and security violations in the network, accelerating incident response and facilitating compliance. Security breaches result in huge legal costs and loss of reputation that can drive organizations to bankruptcy. iView helps organizations reconstruct the sequence of events that occurred at the time of security breach through iView logs and reports. It helps reducing the cost of investigation and analysis and minimize network downtime while gathering historical information.

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